The VPCI Library is providing patient care information support and catering to the academic needs of the faculty members, resident doctors, researchers and students alike for research purposes. It forms a part of Institute support services and acquires thought process, collect and disseminates global information in the field of Biomedical Sciences with specialization in pulmonary diseases and allied sciences. The library started in 1955, but it has back volumes of several journals more than 100 years old. Most of the journals have complete sets of volumes originating right from their treatises of medicine which are readily available for basic and historical insights. It also has a very good comprehensive collection of serial publications like Annual Reviews, Years books, Recent advances.


Library Collection


The Institute has one of the best library in the field of Pulmonary Disease and Allied Sciences having 10038 Books, J-23157 bound Journals, 150 CD’s, 508 Thesis and 105 National and International Reports. A total of 112 Journals (105 International and 07 National) are being subscribed by the library, 16 Journals (06 International and 10 National) are being received on exchange programme with the Institute’s Journal and 33 Journals (09 International and 24 National) are received on complimentary basis. To cover the need for daily coverage of news related to the medical field, Library is also subscribing four English and four Hindi newspapers. This has encouraged the inculcation of reading habits of all alike.


Physical Infrastructure


The steady growth of the library can be gauged from the fact that initially, it was based in a single-room establishment, but subsequently, it expanded and presently is housed in accommodation covering entire floor of the Institute's Multistoried-building.


Library Hours


The Library facilities are available to Members/Users of Delhi University from Monday to Friday {8:30 AM to.8:00 PM} & Saturday 9.00 to 5:30 P.M. (Reference & Reading Purpose).