Medical Photography


The aim of this unit is to centralize documentation and multimedia resources and to provide photographic/audio-visual services in support of research, diagnostic, training and administrative activities at the VPCI

The unit provides  photography, graphics and AVA support services to the members of the teaching, clinical, research and administration department of the Institute.

The main function that are operated under the Unit of Medical Photography and Audio Visual are: Audio Visual Services, Digital Imaging Services and Medical Photography. The services that each unit provides may be used individually or in conjunction with the other sub-units of the Medical Photography & Audio visual Unit.

Medical Photography is a specialized area of photography that concerns itself with the documentation of the clinical presentation of patients, medical and surgical procedures, medical devices and specimens from autopsy. The practice requires a high level of technical skill to present the photograph free from misleading information that may cause misinterpretation. The photographs are used in clinical documentation, research, publication in scientific journals and teaching.

It  document patients at various stages of an illness, injuries and before and after surgical procedures. They record the work of healthcare professionals to assist in the planning of treatment and education of the public and other healthcare professionals. The nature of the work requires a respect for and sensitivity to people, an awareness of sterile procedures and an adherence to privacy legislation and policies.

The unit comprises a single-lens reflex camera, an electronic flash unit and supplementary lenses. The unit is entirely suitable for taking fine-quality photographs of most medical subjects.