The Vallabhbhai Patel Chest Institute (VPCI) is a unique postgraduate medical institution devoted to the study of chest diseases. It is a University of Delhi maintained institution and is funded entirely by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India. The institute is ideally located in the heart of the main campus of the University of Delhi, providing the requisite academic environment. The Institute fulfills the national need for providing relief to large number of patients in the community suffering from chest diseases. It has eminently discharged its role and has earned a unique place in the field of Chest Medicine.





The main objectives of VPCI have been to conduct research on basic and clinical aspects of chest medicine, to train post graduates in Pulmonary Medicine and allied subjects, to develop new diagnostic technology and disseminate scientific knowledge related to Chest Medicine to other institutions in the country and to provide specialized clinical and investigative services to patients.



Vision and Mission



Our vision is to provide comprehensive, seamless, affordable and innovative patient centered health care to improve the health status of the communities with care and compassion.   To use our knowledge and expertise to provide guidance and support to help population health needs in the field of Pulmonary Medicine and allied sciences, and create & implement multi-sectoral approaches for addressing those needs.


To promote and preserve higher values and ethics in Medical education, health and research. To be a clinical center of training and research excellence by continuously evaluating and adopting innovative practices in technology and health care; and maintenance of quality diagnosis and treatment of  Pulmonary Diseases.

To develop excellence in public health by enhancing institutional impact on healthcare programs so that the institute can contribute to National Health Policies.

To conduct new ground breaking research by augmenting capacity, infrastructure, and systems for research in basic, translational and clinical sciences, so as to contribute to the nation in the fight against public health diseases.

To offer a healthy environment where all individuals, be it patients or staff, are personally and professionally valued, recognized and supported.