Consultation at Hospital


The Viswanathan Chest Hospital caters to patients with chest diseases, including emergencies. It is located next to the auditorium. It houses the consultation chambers, wards, Intensive Care Unit, Emergency ward and all the diagnostic laboratories. 



Entry: From gate nos. 3 and 4. Parking is available at gate no. 4.



Information for patients






Outpatient Registration: 8.30 AM to 11.00 AM; Mondays to Fridays 



Emergency services: 24 hours All days



Note: The Institute has one platform for online appointment through



          The Institute does not entertain any online appointment generated through 'JUSTDIAL.COM' or any other mode.



New Patients


Consultation at the hospital requires a referral from a physician. The patients are advised to bring all records including investigation reports available with them and report to the reception. The referral slip/prescription will then be sent to the concerned consultant. The patients are requested to be seated in the waiting areas outside the consultation rooms for their turn. The Consultant will ask for registration if the patients requires management at the hospital. The registration is done at the reception and the case file is sent back to the consultant for further workup and treatment.



Follow-up patients



Patients who are already registered should report to the reception with their OPD cards on follow-up visits and proceed to the waiting areas outside the consultation chambers. The case files will be sent to the consultants.



Please note the OPD schedule of consultants and hospital charges. 



Organization of Hospital



The administration of the hospital is headed by Prof. Raj Kumar, Director, VPCI. The patient care is provided by the following consultants:


Prof. Raj Kumar


Dr Balakrishnan Menon


Dr Nitin Goel


Dr Sonam Spalgais


Dr Parul Mrigpuri